Puma Denies TMZ's Claim About Signing Elin Woods

Tiger Woods Saga Reaches Sixth Circle of Hell

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Credit: AP
So, according to TMZ, "an official from Puma -- the athletic wear company -- has confirmed they are in 'internal discussions' to sign Elin [Woods] as a spokesperson for a new Swedish-inspired clothing line called Tretorn."

And according to Puma: "To correct recent news headlines, Puma has no plans to engage in a brand sponsorship agreement with Elin Woods."

At first I was tempted to say, "Ha! TMZ is so wrong." And "internal discussions" could just mean "two dudes in the break room saying, 'Bro, wouldn't it be totally awesome if we signed Elin Woods?'" But then I remembered the last time I went with a company statement over blog reports was when WWF and DDB Brazil denied any knowledge of that 9/11 ad. Besides, I figured some of you have gone almost 12 hours without reading anything about Tiger. And that just can't happen.

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