Quick, Get That Dog a Burrito. I Mean, Alpo!

Font in Print Ads May Make Humans Hungry

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Recognize that font?
Recognize that font?
Hot-off-the-presses creative work regularly makes its way on to my desk. It doesn't, though, normally elicit a physical reaction.

As I scanned the creative for Nestle's Purina dog food brand Alpo, my tummy began to rumble. Mmm. Tender cuts of meat. But this stuff isn't for humans. Why oh why did these dog food ads seem so darn delectable?

Oh ... wait ... is it? Yes ... I think it is! The new print and TV spots for Alpo use the same distinctive font that Chipotle, the tasty Mexican fast-food chain, has for years. Whoops.

The ads were created by Fallon, Minneapolis, which earlier this month was named agency of record for the brand. It triumphed in a pitch in which contenders were given a unique brief: an image of dogs playing poker.

Hopefully, any confusion will be temporary. Chipotle just hired a new agency too, California-based indie shop Butler Shine Stern & Partners. Maybe they'll change the lettering?

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