Quit Completing Around the Water Cooler

One Man on a Mission to End Gossip

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First the HR cops stopped you speaking your mind, then the fat fighters took your Twinkies from the vending machine, now one man wants to gag your gossip.

Sam Chapman, described as a "public relations guru" in a press release sent out yesterday by one of his employees, is trying to eliminate gossip at his agency Empower PR. (No word on whether he's also planning to re-name the shop Mind Control PR).

And he seems to have ambitions to take this beyond his own walls, too. Says said "guru" in a release sent out yesterday: "When people don't complete with each other but withhold and gossip with others, they project their stories about others and things get worse and worse."

Apart from the fact he sounds like a cod counselor in a particularly bad episode of Sex and the City, it all leaves you to wonder what his employees call him when they're goss ... I mean, um, completing behind his back.
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