Two Greasy Hillbillies in a Tub... Mmmmmmm

Quiznos Uses Dim-bulb Homoerotic Behavior to Sell A Steak Sub

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I wonder what marketing insight was behind the new Quiznos ad in which two long-haired, greasy-looking men share a bathtub suspended over an open flame.

"Turn it up one log," one of them says to the other as a Quiznos toaster appears next their setup, which is, of course, in the front yard. Narrator says, "That hillbilly hot tub looks dangerous -- and hot. But not as hot as the new double cheese cheesesteak." Who's hungry?

Just in case you're a highly suggestible Kentuckian like me, likely to create a wild bathing opportunity in your own front yard, there's a note at the bottom of the screen saying, "Dramatization. Do not attempt." Helpful. But I guess I could have done with the "Hillbilly hot tub" reference all together.

What is it about homoerotic, dim-bulb behavior that's supposed to make us want not just a sandwich, but a toasted sub sandwich? There must be some pretty compelling evidence. This is the latest work from the Quiznos toaster-centric campaign launched in March. In the first spot, a Quizno's sandwich toaster, in deep, suggestive tones reminiscent of Barry White demanded of the male chef "put it in me." The "it" was the sandwich, right?

The March ads were from Nitro, which got the first project work after Quizno's took its $90 million business away from Cliff Freeman & Partners. Siltanen & Partners, however, created "Hillbilly bathtub." Quiznos said that Nitro will be considered for future projects.

Quiznos may be less tolerant of girl-on-girl sandwich action, though. When Playboy created a "2 Girls, 1 cup" spoof this spring, a representative said the chain had nothing to do with it.

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