Radio Isn't Dead, Damn It!

But It Could Use Some Help

By Published on .

In a market like New York, it's easy to write off radio as an ad medium. After all, most of us don't drive to work, so we don't sit in cars during drive time listening to radio. In the rest of the country, though, people sit in their cars, sometimes captive for hours, bored with their crummy iPod playlist or CD collection, listening to the radio. In my own humble opinion, it should be a great advertising medium ... but having just spent a weekend driving around south Louisiana, I can say this much: Local car dealers should be dragged out into the street and shot for crimes against creativity. At any rate, this is a long way of getting around to introducing anyone who cares to, a blog effort by Radio 2020, a group trying not just to talk up radio, but to drag it into the 21st century. (Anyone who reads our Small Agency Diary will recognize the fingerprints of Doug Zanger all over the thing.)
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