RangTang Vodka Tainted by Slang Definition

That Word Does Not Mean What You Think It Means

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There are few harder jobs in the marketing business these days than coming up with new names for citrus-flavored vodkas.

After all, in addition to fruit names like orange and ruby red, Skyy and Smirnoff offer a "Citrus" flavor. Absolut, Grey Goose and Hangar One each sell a "Citron." Ketel One and Vincent Van Gogh dub theirs a "Citreon," and Belvedere has its "Cytrus."

So a new orange- and tangerine-flavored extension from Proximo's Three Olives brand -- which already offers a "citrus" and an "orange" -- faced a tough task in trying to find a name that could differentiate it in an overcrowded market.

They came up with "RangTang," described as "a delicious blend of imported English vodka and the bold taste of outrageously juicy oranges and tangerines."

And that sounds tasty enough, if you can get past the "English vodka" bit.

The problem for Proximo -- which also markets 1800 Tequila -- is that RangTang has another, less appealing definition, according to Urban Dictionary (see second, original definition). One so awful, we can't even think about typing it on this site.

Whether Proximo was aware of this before it brought the brand to market, it's aware of it now, as evidenced by a more recent vodka-centric entry on the Urban Dictionary page. (Also, the website, which features a young woman with an orange shoved in her mouth, wants to see your "O-face.")

So, with apologies to Bill Maher, we propose a "new rule" for naming brand extensions: Check Urban Dictionary First.

A call to Proximo's VP-marketing, Elwyn Gladstone, wasn't immediately returned.

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