'Read Forbes. It's Edited by Cry-Babies'

Editor Brought to Tears by Cellphone Withdrawal

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"The Today Show" is offering up a series called "Could You Do Without?" Dennis Kneale, managing editor of Forbes, apparently, can't do without. Kneale volunteered for a segment in which he was forced to give up cellphone, Blackberry and e-mail. What was he thinking? Even lowly journo-wretches swear they can't live without these things. How could a managing editor for an international publication -- a man who has to coordinate journalists around the world and stay on top of the news, a man who is sometimes late and often out of the office for lunches -- how is he supposed to do without?

Kneale lasts 40 hours before breaking down in tears. It's refreshing on some level, however, to see that it wasn't missed work that got to him, but rather the thought of his six-year-old daughter not being able to contact him. Watch it all below (well, until NBC forces YouTube to remove the video). This is must-see TV at its best.

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