Great Moments in Real-Estate Advertising

Rad Dude Will Do Just About Anything to Serve Your Needs

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So, what happens when you combine the Benny Hill theme song, a Matthew Lesko impersonator and first-class Realtor sales tactics? Give up? Viral baby, viral! At least, we think that was the goal. I mean, why else would a grown man in a suit stick a return address label on his forehead? But the "tweetable" moment for me was (spoiler alert) when the grown man in a suit did a swan dive into the ocean just to prove his worth? HILARITY, I tell ya, absolute hilarity.

I think one commenter (who appears to be the same guy in the video) said it best, "That guy is rad!!!!!" And to that, we say: Totally!

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Dana Severson is a Minneapolis-based ad director with an unusually large forehead. He is the creator of the Official Real"ad"tor Awards. Read his bio here or follow him on Twitter here.

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