Giant Woman + Luxury Condos = Fail

Video Pretty Much Says It All About Irrational Real-Estate Market

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Look, I'm not from Manhattan and I can't afford a multimillion-dollar condo, but if I was ... and if I could ... you'd definitely be delivering my New York-style pizza to a Platinum address. I mean, WOW, that place is majestic! But wait, if I'm not from Manhattan and I'm not in the market for a trillion-dollar condo, how did I even hear about this place?

As luck would have it, my grubby little clicking finger found its way to this obscure spot that promotes (err, I mean mentions) the condo development on YouTube. That seems right, doesn't it? If you had an overly produced and terribly expensive video targeting filthy-rich home buyers, you'd slap it up on YouTube too, wouldn't you?

Putting their knack for targeting aside for a moment, let's home in on the overall message (or lack thereof) within the video. I'll put it this way, if it wasn't for the name at that end of this 3:11 nail-biter, I may not have made the connection between the gigantic "à la Goldfinger" woman (2:16 if you want to fast-forward to the scary part) and luxury condos. Maybe if I had gobs of cash, drove a Ferrari and listened to techno music, I'd get it. But, because I'm not that cool, this just appears to be a big fat failure.

Sorry Platinum, maybe the folks over at the Robb Report will think it's good. Anyway, good luck selling those condos.

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Dana Severson is a Minneapolis-based ad director with an unusually large forehead. He is the creator of the Official Real"ad"tor Awards. Read his bio here or follow him on Twitter here.

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