Real Genius: Hyundai's Smart Kids Are The Real Deal

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A ten-month-old baby naming the presidents? A Swedish teen solving a Rubik's Cube blindfolded? As if...

Hyundai's latest commercials present some pretty unbelievable kids doing some ridiculously brilliant things and The Richards Group creative on the account, Mike Payer, has assured me they are the real deal. They found the geniuses on YouTube and tracked them down, at one point even teaching themselves Swedish and cold calling several people with the same name in order to get permission to use a clip.

Rumor has it, the full clip of the president-identifying baby is even more astounding and that baby is now in law school (albeit a few years older). The teen, on the other hand, does actually study the Rubik's Cube before putting on the blindfold. And it takes him 25 seconds to solve it, as opposed to the 15 seconds the commercial may make it seem.

So, you know, he's not all that afterall.

Thank god buying a Hyundai will save our damaged egos...
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