Results for Contest to 'Reinvent' Fast Food Soon to Be Announced

U.S. Obesity Rates Sure to Dwindle

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We all know fast food isn't the healthiest food out there. Some people accept that. Others, however, can't leave well enough alone. Instead of realizing that people eat fast food because it TASTES GOOD and is FULL OF YUMMY FAT AND SALT, they've convinced themselves that consumers are maybe brainwashed by advertising or would jump at the chance if only healthier options were presented -- because we all know how hard it is to find a salad or a tuna fish sandwich in America.

Over the last several weeks, 10 teams in the U.S. have competed in a challenge to "Reinvent Fast Food." The challenge's website asked people to come up with viable solutions for reinventing fast food -- through new products, technology, advertising campaigns, government and community programs, or any other idea that could be executed.

The competition is helmed by Yoxi, an interactive competition and social game website, which is the latest venture from "American Idol" and Hulu veteran Sharon Chang.

After two rounds of video submissions and public voting, the "Reinvent Fast Food" competition is down to two finalists: Detroit's The Beet Squad, whose concept is to introduce a group-based daily deal at local restaurants; and The Udon Project from San Francisco, whose idea is to promote Pad Thai as a healthy alternative to traditional fast food.

Two agencies, Poke and WPP's OgilvyEarth, are working with The Udon Project and The Beet Squad in the final round to help the teams flesh out their ideas. The public can vote at Yoxi's website on the final two video presentations Monday and Tuesday.

The winning team will be announced on Wednesday, Dec. 15, and will receive a cash prize -- in part dependent how much the public contributes (looking at you, cheapskates). Maybe I just don't understand what these interactive/crowd sourced/social media thingies are all about. How this will translate to -- or influence -- major fast feeders is beyond me.

Besides, even if you did put Pad Thai (or beets?) on fast-food menus, people would still just order it with a side of fries.

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