Perhaps Revlon Can Dye Crow's Footprint

It's Not Easy Being Green

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Sheryl Crow's on tour, taking money from Revlon to endorse the Colorist line, scrapping with Karl Rove and saving the environment by pushing a one-square-per-wipe toilet-paper policy (which obviously ISN'T endorsed by anyone at Charmin).

But for such a die-hard environmentalist, Crow certainly doesn't travel light.

According to the tour rider made public by Smoking Gun, the tour needs parking space for:
  • 3 tractor trailers
  • 4 buses
  • 6 cars
I wonder if "Scorched Earth" is a color that doesn't fade away. At least one of those buses is powered by biodiesel, but I'm thinking that doesn't offset the rest of the caravan -- especially if you include tag-along pal Laurie David's gas-guzzling private jet.
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