Is Rich Silverstein the Real Mr. Six?

Goodby, Silverstein Turn 100

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It's not the incessant media questions about what's happening on the Hyundai and Sprint accounts that's turning Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein grey and wrinkled, and requiring them use oxygen to breathe and a walker and electric chair to move around. (More after the video)

No, the two spent over two hours with a Hollywood make up artist in order to achieve the ripe old age of 100. They glopped on the fake, saggy flesh for video announcing the agency's upcoming 25th birthday bash. Is it just us, or does Silverstein remind you of a certain dancing geriatric. Maybe it's the glasses.

Last time the San Francisco golden boys celebrated an anniversary, their 20th, they closed down a block in front of a favorite bar for the evening, drawing a crowd which included then-mayor Willie Brown, and a host of alumni from over the years.

But the pair decided that this anniversary is going down in a more formal manner: The agency has rented the San Francisco Opera house and is inviting anyone who ever worked there -- but not clients or spouses -- to show up in black tie for a "secret" show. One notable exec who said he may show: Andy Berlin, the man who helped instigate the breakaway from the shop of the late Hal Riney creating Goodby, Berlin & Silverstein.
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