Robots Take Manhattan

Anti-capitalists Storm NYSE, Date TBC

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Every now and then an artist arrives in Manhattan with a large-scale installation promising to brand city turf with an equally large-scale, geo-political message. Middle Americans call this "so New York." New Yorkers just think it's annoying.

That said, I couldn't resist mention of artist Javier Tellez and his 500 robots set to walk Wall Street by the end of May.

The 12-inch toys will bear placards featuring messages written by mental health patients. Tellez told the Post he's interested in "giving a voice to people who are usually denied that in a public space."

"It is also channeling the myth of science fiction from the '50s, which was wrapped up in politics as well," he added.

No better way to shake up those investors' mornings than to throw 500 more commuters on the streets.

And get this -- the robots will march to the death. That's right, these little blue soldiers will protest until their battery-operated fists run out of pumping power.

"It's a huge march for them as they are so small," the artist said. "They will walk until their batteries exhaust. It is again a metaphor for what political action could be."

Sounds intense. Maybe the folks at NYSE could put a few of those robots to good use by ringing the opening bell?

Don't laugh -- Mr. Potato Head has done it.

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