Ronn Torossian: No Poster Child for PR Industry

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Gawker has the latest coverage of a current Ronn Torossian (as always) public battle. This time it's over a lawsuit involving former HR director Melissa Weiss.

You'll have to go to Gawker for the dirtiest bits. There are things even Ad Age won't print. But Hamilton Nolan hits this bit right out of the park:
It's important to understand why we—and others—talk about Ronn Torossian so much. He and his firm are far from the biggest players in the PR industry, so it may seem strange that he gets so much attention. The real reason he matters is that he embodies the public's worst ideas about what a PR person is: loud, brash, more flash than substance, dirty, manipulative, amoral, and, in the end, not particularly bright. The real movers and shakers in the PR industry achieved their positions partly by keeping their mouths shut.
As Nolan, points out, "Most people would be surprised to find out how much time the average PR person spends worrying about their industry's reputation as a den of lying bastards." So, yeah, this guy doesn't exactly help.
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