Rosie to Rupert: 'I Am Batman'

Well, That's How She Imagined It

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Rosie O'Donnell may not have a strong vocabulary or a grasp of basic grammar, but boy does she have a rich inner life. Turns out she came thisclose to giving Rupert Murdoch the old what for at the New York Women in Communications Matrix Awards. But she was either so frightened or overcome with a rare case of tact that she didn't knock him to the ground and rid the world of satan.

Well, that's my take-away from what I can make of her blog post, part of which reads:

in the movie
he is dr freeze
i am batman
fighting for gotham

up he walks
a 74 yr old man
someones papa
he didnt look evil

Rosie calls the entry WTF? Indeed, Rosie. WTF? (No, Rupert didn't scare her senseless. She always writes that badly.) Though he didn't LOOK evil, Rosie knows for a fact he is (because WIKI said so) and she now regrets she didn't have the courage of, say, a Sheryl Crow (no, I'm not putting words in her mouth).

It reminds me of a fellow I worked with in my dish-washing days down in Louisiana. He always said things like "I'm gonna tell the manager he can kiss my butt. He can't tell me what to do. Screw that dude." Yet the minute the manager walked in, common sense (aka, the paycheck) prevailed.

I can only imagine how Barbara Walters and ABC would have reacted had Rosie gone ballistic on the Rupe.

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