Roy Spence Walks Off Into Forbidden Zone

Pulls Blog Down Until He Hits the Trail Again

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Roy Spence isn't walking with Hillary.
Roy Spence isn't walking with Hillary.

It seems like it was just last week that, when remarking about Roy Spence going to work for the Hillary Clinton campaign, I could point to his Walking With Roy site and crack a joke about calling in ideas from a payphone. (OK, so it was just last week.)

And then -- Poof! -- the site is gone. What once showed a Roy tracker and some photos of New England backroads now simply proclaims: FORBIDDEN.

For those of you who don't remember, the GSD&M Idea City Chairman-CEO last fall started his Walk Across America, with the plan to walk 22 miles a day, one month each year, over the next several years.

The site erected to blog his trek,, was yanked from the internet last week -- coincidentally around the same time news broke of Mr. Spence's stepped-up advisory role in Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. Mark Ambinder at wrote that Mr. Spence, who has "rescued the Clintons' public image before, will start to participate on daily conference calls and help figure out messaging and branding."

Of course, when we were alerted to the news that the site had been pulled down, we thought maybe it was because our snide remark was the straw that broke the camel's back. Or that Hillary and Bill Clinton decreed that such a site would not stand between them and the White House.

But, alas, representatives for Idea City (which also created his web site) denied any link between the site being pulled and Mr. Spence's involvement in the Clinton campaign. "It's been several months that he stopped walking," a spokesman Idea City said. "The site was there as a vehicle for people to communicate with Roy" during his walk, and a place for "people from the agency to send him bits of encouragement, and for him to post his comments and pictures."

"It'll come back up as soon as we start gearing up for the second leg of his walk," the spokesman said. When that's happening isn't clear.

"The website was also just getting a ton of spam," a spokeswoman added.

Mr. Spence, whom we are told is under a strict gag order right now, was unreachable for comment.

By the way, it should be pointed out that Roy Spence didn't walk through Iowa. But he did walk through New Hampshire.
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