Run On PS3 Brought To You By Sony

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It's basic marketer supply-and-demand: make your initial product run a small one and you'll create huge demand for your must-have, can't-find product.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, writing on, discusses just why PS3 and Microsoft's Zune will be hard to find this holiday season and why it just may be a brilliant tactic:

"'If you want it, order it now! No time to wait! No time to think! Do it! Do it NOW!!!' This is a fantastic marketing tool because people no longer want the product because of features or merit, they want it because they don't want someone else to beat them to it. Pre-ordering also means that no one sees the product on the shelves because they've already made it into the hands of the buyers as soon as they come off the supply chain, adding to the feeling of scarcity. This trick doesn't only work at the launch, if the manufacturer and distributors all play their cards right, they can keep it up for months."

Surprising? Not really. Fascinating that we always fall for it? Oh yeah.
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