Rusted: Water Robs Chrysler of Marketing Opp

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Back in 1957, the city of Tulsa decided to do the whole time-capsule thing. You know the drill. Take a box, fill it up with some albums and album liners, newspaper clippings and covers of Life magazine. Chuck it in a hole and dig it up 50 or 100 years later. The cool thing about the Tulsa time capsule is that they put a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere in the thing.

Maybe they optimistically thought that the iron-finned beast would be a source of wonder to all of us here in 2007 flying around with our jetpacks and hover cars. And maybe someone in the back corners of Chrysler PR was monitoring, thinking how cool it would be to crank the engine and drive the car out 50 years later.

Well, not so much. Seems the capsule was nuclear proof, but not water proof. So, through no fault of the automaker, what was revealed wasn't so much a car as a tetanus farm. Makes for cool photos, though.
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