S&P Brings 500 Pounds of Hurt to Cafe

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McGraw Hill subsidiary Standard & Poor's is filing suit against a Dallas coffee shop, Standard & Pours Coffee & Stocks. Rich Smith, writing for Motley Fool, notes that, "For infringing on its trademark, S&P demands the maximum compensation permitted by the U.S. Trademark Act: three times Standard & Pours' profits, and three times any revenue S&P lost when customers sauntered into Standard & Pours, and accidentally bought a cup of coffee when what they really wanted was a credit report."

Though he notes that S&P probably won't get much money out of this one, Smith thinks that this is one case where the company filing the suit has good reason: " Every time S&P permits another company to use its name ... with impunity, the value of S&P's trademark to that name loses value. So yes, I'm with S&P on this one. It needs to nip this dilution in the bud, before other any other 'entrepreneurs' try stealing more bits of its intellectual property."

We're tempted to agree, but we can't imagine this would play well for PR value. Especially in Texas.
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