Saints Fans, Flip Cameras and YouTube Make for Killer NFL Promo

Grey New York Captures the Purity of a Victory

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Dave Walker at The Times-Picayune has a great story about one of the NFL promo that started airing last week and will continue through the playoffs. The spot, shot in bars and homes across the country, captures Saints fans flipping out when Tracy Porter ran an interception back for a touchdown, practically cementing a Saints victory. According to Jonathan Klein, the NFL's director of advertising, the spot was the brainchild of Grey, New York. Says Klein: "You didn't need voice-over, you didn't need title cards, you didn't need graphics. You just needed the sort of innocence of expression." It's a fun story and a great example of an agency and marketer just stepping back and letting the consumer do the talking -- and screaming, crying and body-slamming. (The NFL, in its infinite wisdom, has locked down the spot, so you'll have to go here to see it.)
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