Samsung Presents Extreme Sheep Herding

Take that Sony Bravia!

By Published on .

When coworkers sent me the link to this YouTube video noting that Samsung is attached to it somehow, I rolled my eyes and thought, "Here we go again. Some lame-ass attempt by a marketer to pass along a 'humorous viral video' that's not funny and has about 25,000 views." While this video has fewer than 2,000 views, I'm going to predict it'll rack up a lot more. (Sorry. Was looking at a copy of the original, which has piled up over 1 million views.) I don't know that it's funny, but it's damn cool--as you'd expect extreme sheep herding to be. I haven't had this much fun watching a spot (if that's what it is) since Sony Bravia's Bunny effort. Give it a watch. (UPDATE: The good folks at Creativity tell me The Viral Factory is responsible for this.)

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