San Francisco Hood Fights to Keep Coke Ad

Not Every Outdoor Sign Deemed a Menace to Society

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Apparently, not every resident of San Francisco and surrounding neighborhoods is a capitalist-hating commie. One group of residents is fighting for the survival of a 40s-era Coca-Cola ad. According to Bernalwood, the sign, in the neighborhood of Bernal Heights, has been deemed illegal by the city's planning department. It either has to get a proper ad permit or be torn down. (Here's a chance for easy PR win, Coca-Cola!).

Of course, were it a modern ad, that could possibly speak to the future of our current culture, it would be ripped down without complaint. After all, as one commenter on the Bernalwood blog points out, that soda ad is directly across the street from a school and is, at this very moment, killing innocent children.

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