Satan Is Our Spokesman

Religious Channel Enlists Lucifer to Get Out Message

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Let's say you had the task of rebranding a Brooklyn-based religious cable channel. Who would you choose for a spokesperson? Jesus? A rabbi? A nun? A doctor of theology? An imam? A fire-breathing televangelist? Nope. Cesario-Migliozzi, Los Angeles, picked Satan hisownself to help get the word out about NET (New Evangelization Television), which was formerly known as The Prayer Channel. The devil, played in online and TV spots by Jimmy Briscoe, is acting as the anti-spokesperson for the channel. Satan, as one would expect, is the champion of oversexed reality TV and does not want you to watch NET. Indeed, he's started a website called, where you can find a sort of Subservient Satan (he doesn't do much, though). The campaign, which breaks today, also includes bus-side ads (as seen at the left) and a viral video as seen below. The TV spot showing Satan in all his non-glory can be found here.

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