Toyota Must Take Down 'Saved by Zero'

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This weekend, I managed to get out of the house quite a bit and therefore not watch approximately a gajillion hours of TV. And while I missed some excellent football games, I also missed that super-annoying Toyota "Saved by Zero" ad, aka this year's version of the Chevy "This Is Our Country" spot from last year. (Maybe this is a plot by women to drive men away from football!) So, I had a blessedly "Saved by Zero"-free weekend. Until yesterday that is, when walking through Park Slope with my wife, a guy walking in the opposite direction simply blurted out "Saved by Zero." My wife laughed. I fell to the ground and bashed my head against the sidewalk. Then I went home and joined this Facebook group (one of many, it turns out). UPDATE: Esquire is on the case as well.
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