If the Blog Is a-Rockin', Please Come a-Knockin'

A Steamy Way to Drive Blog Traffic

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Well, that's one way to drive blog traffic. With the Tribune Media Group launching the Chicago Now blog network, it wanted to drum up some big traffic in a big hurry. So what better way than to have Zig, Chicago, create a trail of skivvies that lead up to a steamy car -- complete with feet pressed against the glass and the tell-tale side-to-side rocking motion. I'm not so sure what kind of reader that's going to get, but said readers were directed to the Sex and the Windy City blog, which is now part of the network -- along with more than 70 other blogs. Another cool stunt was this one. Go ahead and check it out. It's safe for work. And, to prove that it gets blogging is more than just a one-way street, it even came up with a stunt that allowed commenting and did so without it involving burly guys shouting at each other in public about baseball or football.
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