Babeland Gives Out Free Vibrators on Tax Day

Since You're Gonna Get Screwed Anyway

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Filing taxes is an onerous task, even if you know you're getting money back. According to a press release, Babeland, the patriotic sex-toy shop that gave out some 4,000 sex toys in November for an Election Day promotion, will offer tax payers a little pleasure for all that pain they endured filling out 1040s -- in the form of a vibrator called Gold Digger.

On April 15, Babeland will give out Gold Digger vibrators to the first 100 people at each of its four retail locations -- three in New York and one in Seattle -- who say they filed their taxes. (The release describes Gold Digger as studded with "classy golden jewels." I can't recall a time the word "classy" preceded the phrase "golden jewels," let alone when said jewels were affixed to a dildo. But I digress.) Babeland will also award the bejeweled sex toys to those who place the first 100 orders on on April 15.

Not lucky enough to grab a free vibrator? Fret not. Babeland will also pick up the sales tax on all in-store and online purchases (in the form of a 10% discount) made on April 15.

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