Sexy Ad for Charity Too Good to Be True

Or At Least Too Sexy to Keep Up

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This afternoon Gawker flagged up a couple of ads for YAI's "Brighter Futures Society" charity event. Now why would Gawker link to charity ads? Because they were a little cheeky and sexy. In one, a young woman says she's going to the event on the off chance she'll run into a celebrity -- and she's wearing a "really slutty dress" just in case. The tag line: "Any reason is a good reason to come." In other words, "We don't care why you attend, just be sure to bring your money!" My first thought was, "I can't believe a charity would approve that ad. Certainly the board isn't going to be happy about it." Sure enough, Gawker reports that YAI yanked the ads ... but not before Gawker managed to grab one of them for the archives.
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