So Sexy: Gawker's Sizzle Reel

How Positively Old Media of the New-Media Empire

By Published on .

So lookee here. Gawker's got a sizzle reel, one of those things old-school media outlets put together to show how awesome they are (and why you'd want to spend money advertising with them). You know, clips of the talent on other shows, influential people talking about cool the media outlet is. Except, in true Gawker fashion, this reel shows "influential" people (if you count Buzz Bissinger, Mat Lauer and Bill O'Reilly among the influential) basically calling Gawker distilled media evil. And then some random people on the street talk about how they like to read Gawker properties. (For those interested, The Awl, staffed by former Gawker employees, has reactions from former Gawker employees.)

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