Sharpie Gets Social With Artistic Inclinations

Mom's Workhorse Now a Tool of Self-Expression

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Mike Peyton's 'Sumarai at the Ready' (Sharpie on gourd)
Mike Peyton's 'Sumarai at the Ready' (Sharpie on gourd)
How do you take the old smelly marker that mom used to put your name on your underwear or on your lunch-bag and make it exciting? Beats me. But Sharpie and DraftFCB are giving it a shot with the "Uncap What's Inside" effort. According to the company, "at the centerpiece of the integrated campaign is new advertising featuring budget-savvy ways Sharpie markers can transform everyday items into colorful, distinctive statements." I'm sure the ads will be cool and all, but I think users (or viewers) might have more fun at the website, where they can view all sorts of art work created with Sharpies. On its blog, for example, is an interview with Mike Peyton, who uses Sharpies to make gourd snakes (pictured above).

And of course there is a YouTube channel, a Twitterer (@sharpiesusan) and a Facebook page.

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