Shmuly's Back ... and He's Bipartisan

Offering Yarmulkes for McCain, Obama Supporters

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Shmuel Tennenhaus
Shmuel Tennenhaus
When last we wrote about Shmuel "Shmuly" Tennenhaus, the self-described "Hasidic Jew with a ton of chutzpa" had set up a MySpace page claiming to be Bonnie Fuller. It was all part of his devious plan to land a spot on "One Park Avenue," a reality show that was supposed to involve Fuller and American Media. (How did all of that work out, by the way?)

Now, according to ABC's Political Punch, Shmuly's back peddling candidate-friendly yarmulkes. For the low-low price of $15.95, will set you up with a skullcap that loudly proclaims your presidential preference. The back of the Obamica one reads, "My Bubby is voting Obama." As ABC's Jake Tapper jokes, "Obama should be so lucky!"
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