Shock: The Buzz Emperor Is Wearing No Clothes!

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A press release started dropping into e-mail boxes this week, proclaiming American Idol Sanjaya Malakar the king of all buzz -- so popular, in fact, he now went by one name. Uh, hello?? RUBEN?

We weren't the only ones shaking our heads. When the folks over at got that press release from Nielsen BuzzMetrics and noticed they were on it as one of the "top 25 blogs discussing Sanjaya," they scratched their heads. Because while Idol is fairly common topic in their regular dissections of the business of digital media and entertainment, they have never mentioned Sanjaya Malakar. Writes Rafat Ali, publisher and editor: "So here's the point: all this hooey about measuring buzz in the blogosphere, monitoring consumer-generated media, social media consulting is just that: 'like a blind man in a roomful of deaf people.'"
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