More Shocking Woman-on-Man Violence in Advertising

When Will This Societal Scourge Ever End?

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Some of you may be unaware of the fact that "the man" (usually a white one no less) is perhaps the biggest victim in advertising these days. Why, he's portrayed as a dope, a dunderhead and an oaf. Even a strapping young lad like Justin Timberlake is forced to sully himself by having his balls broken for cheap laughs in a Pepsi spot. (For more on this check out Jonah Bloom's recent column.

I hate to break it to the men's groups, but things have gotten much much worse. Now we have a naked woman attacking an innocent (white) man's crotch. I can't even stand to show you this violence (and hot, hot nudity) on our site, so you'll have to click on over to Gawker to see the latest outrage.
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