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Take It From the 'Barefoot Lass' -- Coke Cures

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With yesterday's news that Esther Lee will be leaving Coca-Cola to man Euro RSCG's North American shops, it's anyone's guess who might fill her creative shoes. One thing's for sure: the "Real Thing" has got a friend in Barefoot Lass, who's compiled a fanciful, if practical list of Crazy Things to Do With Coca-Cola.

The site's extreme suggestions may elicit a few laughs -- battery cleaner, hair curler and composting agent are among the drink's proposed uses. Funny thing is, there's more world representation here than you'll find in a single Coke commercial.

Who knew people in New Zealand are treating the trots with a few flat gulps of the syrupy classic? Or that beachgoers can relieve jellyfish sting with one chilled can ("All you have to do is pour the Coke over the sting.") So simple!

And then there's Verna, from Biloxi, Miss., who swears by her caster-oil-and-Coke cocktail to banish the constipation blues:

"It tastes just like cream soda! You can't taste the yucky oil at all! This remedy is just for occasional use and if you are pregnant, do not use mineral oil, caster oil, or any other laxative without consulting your Doctor [sic]! Thanks loads, Verna."

Yes, Verna, thank you.
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