First Signs of In-Video YouTube Ads

Video Site Testing Formats

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While I was out watching fireworks over the pre-4th vacation, blogger Mark William Wielgus was at work documenting some of the first in-video advertising on YouTube. It's a video of country singer Kelly Pickler in which a small translucent banner for the new Lindsay Lohan flick, "I Know Who Killed Me," pops up along the bottom.

The user can click the ad to activate the trailer (which pops up over the paused YouTube video) or click a little icon to close the banner. Mr. Wielgus, who makes a modest living off his blog about making money online, suggests this must be what AdSense for video looks like --publishers can choose where the ads go, there's a click to play feature and the user can easily choose to close the ad. We dropped a line to YouTube this morning to inquire whether this was indeed part of a new ad unit the site was testing or rolling out.

"We're doing beta tests on various formats," said a spokeswoman, but added there was nothing more specific to announce.

Here's what the future looks like:
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