Can You Smell What the Rock Is Marketing?

ScentWorld Expo Knows the Nose Knows

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Women and men have long known the right scent can drive the opposite sex (or the same sex, as the case may be) wild. A little whiff can go a long way in starting the chain of reactions that lead to ... well, you know. The scent and taste of one small madeleine dipped in tea was enough to give Proust a hundred-page fit. "That new-car smell" might be a joke, but it hits some people right in the center of the brain. And a hint of chocolate-chip cookies in the air can supposedly send women into a buying frenzy. So what does that mean for a marketer? How can you bend this to your nefarious selling needs? Me? I don't know. But as luck would have it, there's something called the ScentWorld Conference and Expo going on next week in New York.

As a general rule, I avoid conferences and expos, but this one just strikes my fancy -- then again, the smell of Popeye's Fried Chicken would be enough to sell me anything, so I'm a sucker for smells. But for more practical business-minded people, there's this description of one of the panels to consider: "As consumers continue to turn off and tune out an ever-growing barrage of advertising messages, industry experts discuss how scent can cut through the clutter and deliver your message directly to the consumer's brain." Having my nose tickled is certainly less annoying than having my eyes or ears assaulted by one more useless pop-up ad or show promo or billboard or whatever.
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