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Loggins, Messina and More

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I'm not quite sure that this has anything to do with marketing or advertising. And I'm not quite sure how these guys haven't been sued by the rights holders to all the smoothest songs of the late 70s and 80s.

But Yacht Rock has to provide some of the silliest, most absurd content on the web. I've been laughing myself silly at this history of how Hall & Oates ruined Yacht Rock, how Kenny Loggins was transformed into a solo rocker by the evil temptations of Hollywood, how Michael McDonald missed out on the Toto phenomenon. No, I'm not making any sense. But do yourself a favor and watch these. Start with "What a Fool Believes" and work your way down the left-hand column and then to the right-hand column. (Lot's of foul language, if that sort of thing offends you.)
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