Snackman Unmasked! Will Pringles Reach Out?

Mild-Mannered Hero Not a Brand Loyalist

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Charles Sonder, left.
Charles Sonder, left.
The mild-mannered man who thwarted a subway fight by eating Pringles has been identified by website DNAinfo. He is 24-year-old Charles Sonder, a resident of Brooklyn. He is a hero.

If you're not among the million or so people who've seen the YouTube video that went viral this week, here's the scoop. A man and woman begin fighting in a subway car. Words are exchanged, punches thrown, kicks -- uh -- kicked. While others laughed, got out of the way or shot video, Mr. Sonder took action. He stepped between them -- and never ceased snacking on his cheddar Pringles.

Well, here. Instead of me explaining, have a look for yourself. (Strong language and violence in video. And snacking.)

"I didn't want them to accidentally hit anyone on the train," he told DNAinfo. (Read the whole article.)

Pringles should take note and act fast. Mr. Sonder may be a fan, but he is not exactly a brand loyalist. He was also snacking on Gummi bears at the time. He also told DNA that he's a fan of Fritos and Oreos.

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