Snakes on a Profit?

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Yes, opening weekend for blog-favorite "Snakes on a Plane" has come and gone, and people, including studio execs, are dubbing it a bit of a disappointment.

"There was so much inflated hype," David Tuckerman, New Line's president of distribution, said. "We thought we'd do better."

Being No. 1 for the weekend ain't what it used to be apparently. New Line obviously wanted more than the $15.25 million the movie pulled in over opening weekend.

But blogger Mack Collier points out that so far the movie's doing just as well as "Pirates of the Caribbean." Comparing production and marketing costs, Collier reaches this startling conclusion:

So that means that Pirates production and marketing budget was anywhere from 325-400 million. With an opening weekend take of $135, 634,554, Pirates covered 34-42% of its cost on opening weekend. ... Those numbers look pretty similar to me, in fact it looks as if SoaP did slightly better.

Still, you can't blame New Line for wanting to open at $135 million. And it remains to be seen if "Snakes" has any legs (sorry) going into the second weekend.
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