When The Sneakers Make The Man

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The New York Knickerbocker's (yeah, that would be the original name) Stephon Marbury is putting his foot in the sneaker business door, so to speak. The hook: a $15 pair of basketball kicks a kid in any borough, project or small town can afford -- and not a dime of it goes into Marbury's pocket. Well, not upfront, at least.

NPR decided to take the "Starbury" sneaker to critics, shoe designers and street basketball players alike. Among the impressions: "I don't understand how they're able to do this for 15 bucks." (This from a former Fila designer.) On the street, though, people are concerned: "You play three hard games on asphalt, your toe'd be sticking out the bottom by the end of them."

For some, the lack of quality is a deal breaker -- and a reflection of Marbury's character. Others, however, are ready to burn their Air Jordans in favor of every item Marbury has to offer (the price would be equivalent). Sounds like even inexpensive goods could make the Knick's player some bank.
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