Just What Space Needs: Ads

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Can't think of anywhere else on God's green earth to slap your ads? Maybe it's time to try space.

Space Adventures, which has been thrusting rich civilian men into orbit since 2001, is now looking for advertisers, according to a press release sent out today. It seems they've got a new and unnamed client "committed to demonstrating that there are other ways of funding private space exploration, besides paying for them individually," said Eric Anderson, president and CEO of Space Adventures. "This individual plans to transport a private science payload and conduct experiments for some of the world's space agencies. The client is also planning to conduct environment and educational-related activities designed to support causes that are of special interest."

The Vienna, Va.-based company has hired the consultancy Schlossberg:Flynn to help nail down these sponsorships. Options "range from product placement and cause-related sponsorship to flying products to space."

Somewhere, Donald Trump just got an idea....
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