Spinach Fights Bad Rap With Help of New Jersey

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When even Popeye can be felled by a bout of E. coli, how can spinach ever regain its good name? The Department of Agriculture hopes a new advertising campaign will set the iron-rich, nutrient-filled leafy green back in the good graces of adults everywhere.

Placing blame squarely on the shoulders of growers in California's Salinas Valley, the FDA does not implicate spinach farmers in any other state, opening doors for a "Jersey Fresh" campaign, according to NewJersey.com's Kevin DeMarris.

According to his article, New Jersey's spinach is a $6.2 million crop about to be harvested. Making, oh, right now a good time to get out with "public service radio ads, paid radio commercials and full-page ads in several newspapers Thursday. Versions of the print ads, which proclaim New Jersey-grown spinach as 'Born to Make You Strong,' also will be available for grocery stores to post."

Children all over America are groaning.
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