Squeezing What He Can Out of O.J. Connection

Simpson Witness Will Plug Your Brand During Upcoming Trial

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Marketers that think their brand messages are in line with former footballer and courtroom king O.J. Simpson (knife vendors? glove makers?) may want to give Thomas Riccio a call.

Mr. Riccio -- the memorabilia dealer who is one of the key figures in Simpson's latest legal battle and who happens to have immunity from prosecution -- is angling to cash in on his 15 minutes of fame by becoming a walking billboard during the trial, for which jury selection begins next week.
Thomas Riccio
Thomas Riccio
Mr. Riccio, with the help of Las Vegas agency XY7, is selling ad space throughout his appearance.

Seven grand will get you a magnetic banner ad on the side his limo, for $6,000 you can get for your logo on his hat, and for $5,000 he'll dine at your restaurant on the night that he testifies or plug your product during TV interviews.
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