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Bob Marley's Estate Reaches Licensing Deal

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"Get up! Stand up! Stand up! For your fries!" That's what I'm hearing when I read this story about the Bob Marley estate reaching a deal with Hilco Consumer Capital. The deal would first focus on consumer electronics and health care, "which will likely feature skin-care products and herbal supplements. Also in the works, according to Hilco, are deals for a Marley-branded calming beverage, a video game similar to Guitar Hero featuring Marley's songs, and a chain of restaurants celebrating the music superstar."

A calming beverage, you say? Hmmmm. They're going to brand bong water before they brand bongs? Oh, wait, I've got another one. "Oh, please, won't you help me smoke, these bongs of freedom ... Redemption bongs, bongs of freedom."

What do you think would be some funny Bob Marley-licensed products? Or, if you'd like a bigger challenge, what do you think would be some TASTEFUL licensing deals for the Marley brand?

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