Stephen King Should Do a Bud Ad

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Budweiser needs help. Maybe they should get Stephen King to do an ad. Hey, it was good enough for Ernest Hemingway, who went to bat for Ballantine Ale. I say Stephen King, because quite frankly our modern male writers who are considered "literary" aren't man enough to drink an old-fashioned (soon-to-be-former) American brew except in "ironic" circumstances (proving that they're both too precious for their own good and don't really understand what "ironic" means). Of course, there's nothing to stop Bud from doing the same campaign with women literary heavyweights (who probably outclass the men in writing chops and story-telling). After all, Bud is a brand that struggles with the ladies. Then again, the argument could be made that things didn't end particularly well for Hemingway or Ballantine.
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