Steve Jobs Portrayed as Big Brother in Issue Ad

Anti-Gay-Marriage Group Puts Exec in '1984' Spot

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Anti-gay-marriage group National Organization for Marriage has released an ad mocking Steve Jobs, comparing him to the Big Brother featured in Apple's breakthrough "1984" ad. The ad is meant to support The Manhattan Declaration, an anti-gay-marriage declaration (or pro-traditional-marriage, if you must) turned into an iPhone app. The app was initially approved, but someone at Apple had a change of heart and banned it.

After removing a questionnaire that they assume is what offended Apple, those involved with The Manhattan Declaration have resubmitted the app and are circulating a petition that, in part, reads:

That Apple would deem the Manhattan Declaration as "offensive" is alarming and distressing. Some who are "offended" by the Manhattan Declaration can only be offended by the positions the Manhattan Declaration takes—positions based on biblical Christianity and affirmed by nearly half a million Christians representing dozens of denominations.

Despite the claims of some, the Declaration does not promote hate or homophobia. It is not anti-gay. Rather, it proclaims that all human beings are loved by God and are worthy of respect.

They're just not worthy of marriage and other civil rights!

NOM does have a point, I guess. Indeed, as Simon Dumenco has pointed out before, the prickly Apple has a history of censoring all sorts of material. Dumenco even likened Jobs to the Big Brother in the spot. Remember, when it comes to the iUniverse, it's his world and you're just living in it. Let's not mistake the clever "1984" for anything more than slick marketing. It's not an actual Steve Jobs position paper on First Amendment rights.

Also: "The iconic Steve Jobs has become the ironic Steve Jobs" doesn't really make sense.

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