Why Woz Could Win 'Dancing With the Stars'

He Co-Founded Apple and Invented the PC; How Hard Can It Be?

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Who wants to see the grandpa of the geeks get up and dance? ABC for starters, as it chose 58-year-old Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, usually just called "Woz," for the 2009 season of "Dancing With the Stars."

The real reason Woz could win is his fans.
The real reason Woz could win is his fans.
His qualifications? His 2006 biography is titled "iWoz: Computer Geek to Cult Icon: How I Invented the Personal Computer, Co-founded Apple, and Had Fun Doing it." Pretty much says it all.

Light on his feet? While Mr. Wozniak may be a top-notch geek, he lacks the stereotypical skinny build. That is, he's a tank with facial hair. Also described as a "teddy-bear physique."

Athletic ability? He's a founding member of the Segway Polo team called the Silicon Valley Aftershocks.

Romantic appeal? He's been married four times. Between his third and fourth, he also dated comedian Kathy Griffin and appeared several times on her show "My Life on the D List." Then he later announced their breakup on "The Howard Stern Show." OK, never mind.

No, the real reason Woz could win is his fans. Every engineer, software developer, technorati and digerati will be rooting for and, more importantly, voting for the beloved engineer. In fact, since the announcement earlier this week, they've been blogging about how to make it happen, starting with "How can we geeks unite to sway the vote?" posted by Al Lucklow on Woz.org.

Mike Cassidy of the San Jose Mercury News, wrote: "Look, Woz has been good to the valley -- his innovation, his philanthropy, his laid-back style. Now it's time for us to be good to him. When the show begins early next month be sure to tune in. And then vote for Woz -- early and often."

A suggestion on Digg: "Someone should write a vote for Woz app for the iPhone."

And this final rallying cry from Chicago Sun-Times columnist Andy Ihnatko: "I'm determined to use and abuse every resource at my disposal to propel Steve Wozniak -- the Geek Nation's own Falstaff ... into the finals of the competition. Why? Payback, baby. Payback. ... But it's up to our Tribe to grab the ball and run with it. Geeks, nerds, anoraks, and wonks of all faiths and callings: this is our moment! I am absolutely confident when I say that if Woz gets into the finals of 'Dancing With The Stars,' it gives all of us license to actually walk up to a human of the appropriate target gender and talk to him or her. And if he wins ... we might even be able to take the Boba Fett helmet off first."

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