Stop Marketing To Men, It's Women Who Decide How Tech Should Be Used

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Via Mind Hacks, I discovered an ABC Radio broadcastof In Conversation where Professor Mike Michael (yes, unfortunate lack of imagination on his parents' part) points out that humans rarely want to be told how technology should be used -- and marketers are finaly getting the point with the help of anthropologists and psychologists.

Case in point: "...if one thinks of the microwave; when that was initially marketed it was as a brown or black, it was basically aimed at men and it failed dismally. And then it was converted to a white good and aimed at women, and that obviously mapped on to all sorts of gender divisions of labour within the kitchen and so on, and it's a success. ..."

I think this means we are finally giving marketers, advertisers and everyone else permission to stop being so darned P.C. and start calling it like it is.
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