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Ashley Dupre Wasn't Barely Legal; She Was Just Illegal

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An older, more legal Ashley Dupre
An older, more legal Ashley Dupre Credit: Ashley Alexandra Dupre/Entertainment Pictures
Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis was thrilled this week to realize that he already had film of Ashley Dupre, Eliot Spitzer's call girl, from "Girls Gone Wild" tapings years ago. "She spent a week on the bus, where she engaged in girl-girl action and got nude," Mr. Francis told the New York Post. He nixed his $1 million offer for new pictures and set about deciding how to roll out his footage.

Online? On DVDs? On the cover of the planned magazine?

Now her lawyer is saying she may not have been 18 yet during the filming, according to Girls Gone Wild. "All nude images of Ms. Dupre were taken in public places and contain no sexual contact," a suddenly less exuberant Mr. Francis said in a statement Wednesday. "In Florida, where Ms. Dupre was filmed, the law allows even women under the age of 18 to be filmed nude with their consent. However, Girls Gone Wild has a corporate policy not to use individuals under the age of 18."

"Given this policy we have delayed the release of Ms. Dupre's nude footage on the internet and are investigating the matter," he concludes. "We will make our decision shortly."

A nation waits.
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