Stop the Presses! Google and Publicis Do ... Something

Vaguest Press Release Ever

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Hey, yall! Guess what? Maurice Levy and Eric Schmidt were totally seen together in Paris. Lord only knows what they were doing, because the couple isn't saying! Still, they're not shying away from the media.

We reprint, you decide! What does this press release even mean? (And yes, this is the extent of the press release.)
Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of Google, and Maurice Lévy, Chairman and CEO of Publicis Groupe, held informal meetings at Publicis Groupe's Paris headquarters today. Eric Schmidt and Maurice Lévy also used the occasion to talk with the press about ongoing collaboration between Google and Publicis Groupe.

This collaboration, underway for over one year, is based on a shared vision of how new technologies can be used to improve advertising.
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